Root Canals

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Overview of Root Canals

Root canals fall under an area of dentistry called endodontics. Our root canal dentist in Lexington, SC may recommend a root canal for you if the nerve of your tooth becomes inflamed or infected by bacteria, and when there is little hope that the nerve will heal. In other situations, the dentist may recommend a root canal as a preventative measure to avoid an abscess in the future. Once a tooth is infected with bacteria, developing an abscess is certain.

The signs and symptoms of an abscessed tooth include pain, swelling, changes in the bite, and a foul taste or odor in the mouth. A tooth may also become discolored. Prolonged sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures is a sign to watch out for as well. Of course, an abscess may be present and visible on an x-ray and yet the patient may have no symptoms at all. Your root canal dentist in Lexington, SC will go over all these issues with you.

What Causes an Abscess?

An abscess is caused by deep tooth decay, numerous dental procedures on the same tooth, trauma, or cracks in teeth.

The Process of Getting a Root Canal

  • Once the doctor has reviewed the dental x-ray image and a root canal is prescribed, the tooth will be numbed.
  • Then a rubber dam will be placed to isolate the tooth from saliva and the procedure will begin.
  • Next a small hole called an "access" will be made in the top of the tooth to reach the pulp chamber.
  • The dentist will use precision dental care instruments to clean and shape the inside of the tooth and use cleansing solutions to disinfect the bacteria and clear out debris.
  • Once the dentist is satisfied that the tooth is cleaned and shaped, he will fill the roots with a pink rubber-like material called "gutta percha" and sealant.
  • Next a soft temperary filling will close up the access for 1-2 weeks.

Another appointment must be scheduled to finalize the restorative treatment on the tooth with a crown or a permanent filling to seal the access hole. The specifics of how the tooth is finalized and the costs of this will be reviewed with you in detail by your root canal dentist in Lexington, SC. This way you are fully aware of when the procedure is complete.

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