Dental Hygiene

Let us help keep your smile young and healthy for a lifetime!

Overview of Dental Hygiene

If you wish to be healthy, you need to have good oral health. And the best family dentistry treatment for dental hygiene we can offer in Lexington, South Carolina is good preventative dental care. This means that intervention through comprehensive dental examinations and regular cleanings can prevent you from ever needing a filling!

Our established preventative department is staffed with registered dental hygienists who will serve the needs of our patients. They have the skill and training in collecting information during the dental check-up that will assist in the best protocol for your care. General health records and radiographs are routinely updated, and thorough diagnosis for all health concerns is accomplished with the dentists. Drs. Smith and Robinson believe that it is possible and expected that a patient can keep their teeth for a lifetime.

What kind of a smile would you want? In order to provide complete care, it is important that we get to know you and that you get to know us. We invite you to visit our family dentistry office and decide to pursue optimal dental health.

Standard Dental Check-Up Procedures

Each new patient is unique and we do not hesitate to customize someone's needs as they report for regular check-ups. For a six month regular checkup, you can expect to receive a thorough cleaning, a doctor exam, a gingival pocket exam.  Routine x-rays are taken once a year. Patients who are more prone to tooth decay will receive bitewings twice a year.  The decision for fluoride treatments are on a per patient basis.

It is common for our family dentistry patients to have customized plans for their dental hygiene home care in Lexington, South Carolina.

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