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We want to keep your smile young and healthy for a lifetime!

Overview of Our Lexington, SC Dental Care Services

For over 39 years, our primary focus has been serving families with dental care in Lexington, South Carolina and its surrounding areas. To that end, we have been called upon to deliver nearly every dental service from cosmetic and implant dentistry to routine fillings and cleanings. Each day, our team meets to discuss the individual needs of our patients in a morning "huddle." We know every patient is unique. We also know that our staff is what makes our office special. Our staff members are dedicated to giving their very best to their patients and to establishing trusted relationships. At our end of the day huddles, we take time to praise our staff's special efforts and also look for ways to improve efficiency.

Dental Evaluations

Every patient, whether new or existing, will receive a thorough and appropriate evaluation. Our diagnostic tools and technologies include photographs, digital x-rays, computer charting, and the experienced eyes of our doctors and staff. We will identify and make you aware of any disease processes of the any oral cavities that you may be at risk for developing.

Dental Care Services We Provide

Preventive Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is of vital importance to our Lexington, SC dentistry. Examples include routine cleanings and fluoride applications, sealants and even small, shallow fillings to prevent tooth decay from advancing. Being preventative in our approach to dental care is something we can all agree is in the best interests of our families' oral health. We all want to keep our smiles young and healthy for a lifetime!

General Dentistry

General dentistry is exactly as it sounds. It is the common day-to-day activities performed by our dental office in Lexington, SC. Examples include routine fillings, crowns to restore damaged or decayed teeth, dentures and partials to replace numerous teeth, extractions for hopeless and painful teeth, and even necessary root canals. These dental care items keep your mouth well-maintained and are usually quick and easy.

Smile Restoration and Transformation

Whether you are a new patient or you have been with us for years, we can restore your smile to its former youthful glory or even transform your smile into what you've always dreamed it could be. We will consult with you to identify your specific dental care goals in detail. We will share with you pre-op photographs to see exactly where we need to make improvements, and together we will discover what suits you best and how to proceed. These days, an investment in your smile can change your life and open doors to a better lifestyle. We especially enjoy the providing dental care to the residents of Lexington, SC and surrounding areas.

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