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Overview of Tooth Decay

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay is a contagious disease of the teeth caused by bacteria, which means the decayed area will become a larger and larger cavity until the dentist removes the decay.

Fillings, large and small, are the bread and butter of a family dental care office. We will examine your teeth and review the x-rays to help diagnose decay and then we will share with you if you have any cavities which require restoration or fillings.

The Three Types of Filling Materials Include:

  • Composite resin, which is tooth colored dental plastic, bonded into place. It is pretty and affordable, but doesn't always last long. Depending on the location, these restorations may last from 5-9 years on average.
  • Silver or dental amalgam. This material is very durable, long lasting and inexpensive, but it turns black over time, is unpopular and becoming extinct in dentistry. These restorations freqently last 10-20 years.
  • Ceramic/porcelain: this material is very durable, long lasting, and beautiful. It is the closest technology we have to replicating what nature gave us. It is the most expensive type of filling, but most patients feel that it is worth the expense. Ceramic or porcelain restorations require two appointments: one to prepare the teeth and one to cement the restoration into place. These restorations have been proven to last 10-20 years.

At our dentist office in Lexington, South Carolina, you always have a choice of what material suits you best. Our doctors are happy to make suggestions to help your decision regarding dental cavities and fillings.

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